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Should I get an inkjet or laser printer?

Should I get an inkjet or laser printer?

27th Apr 2015

For some, the decision of whether to choose an inkjet or laser printer for their home or business is a no-brainer. However, for many of us, whenever there’s are options there is a chance to look at the pros and cons of said options. So if you are among those who have yet to decide, you are in the right place. Here we are going to take a quick look at the pros and cons of inkjet and laser printers. Bring along your list of printing needs with you as we now proceed to weigh the options.

Inkjet printers

There are several types of inkjet printers on the market, but they tend to all fall within one of these three types:

  1. Basic document printer
  2. Photo printer
  3. All in one (print, scan, copy, fax)

Here are the pros of having and using an inkjet printer:

  • They usually are going to be smaller in size and therefore need less space.
  • Generally are cheaper than most laser printers.
  • Ink cartridges are cheaper.
  • Ink cartridges are easier to replace.
  • Photo print quality is excellent.

Now for the cons of inkjet printers:

  • While ink is cheaper, you may have to use a greater amount for printing.
  • If you are printing lots of large documents prepare to wait a bit longer than with laser printers.
  • You must be ready to clean ink stains more often as ink cartridges have been known to leak inside the printer.

Laser Printers

There are generally two types of laser printers and they are as follows:

  1. Basic document printer
  2. All in one (print, scan, copy, fax)

Now let’s check out the pros for the laser printer.

  • Printing speed is faster.
  • Because toner doesn't leave stains like inkjets, there’s less mess to clean up or worry about.
  • The print cartridges have ink for more pages so they tend to last much longer.

Here are the cons for laser printers:

  • Toner cartridges cost more than ink.
  • Laser printers are usually larger in size taking up more space.
  • They can tend to be a bit noisy in comparison to inkjet printers.
  • Needing to print in color will definitely be much more costly than black and white (but cheaper than color inkjet).

Most times the consumer decision comes down to what the upfront costs are for a printer. The best thing to do is think more on your long term needs when deciding which type of printer is best for your home or business needs. Depending on what you plan to use your printer for, choosing the wrong one may cost you little up front but much more than necessary down the road.