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Shipping/Delivery Charges and PO Boxes

3rd Dec 2012

One of the most expensive parts of our business is delivery fees. I thought I would clear a few things up for you.

We charge a flat fee of $7.50 no matter the size, value or location of your order with the exception of PO Boxes (Post Office Boxes.)

It costs us more than $7.50 to ship orders in 99% of cases, usually between $8.00 and $35.00 depending on the product weight and delivery location. We absorb most of these fees and just charge you a flat rate. Most people think that retailers make money out of freight and that is not true. When we have our Freight Free Friday we literally lose thousands of dollars in freight charges but in return we also move a huge amount of stock which of course makes up for the loss of freight charges (Usually). This is why we have a minimum spend of $75 on our Freight Free Friday. Any less than that and we would lose more money. Freight is a cost of conducting business and the more competitive we can be on freight the more stock we can move. This is also why we don't charge fees on credit cards but i will go into this at another time.

Now for PO Boxes. We send all of our orders by courier - Toll, Couriers Please, Star Track etc. And on request we would also send out by Australia Post. We make a point of asking our customers to be at home to receive their order as it costs us money if you are not home and the courier has to leave a card, not to mention the inconvenience for us and you, the customer. The courier companies charge us a re-delivery fee just to bring the parcel back to you on the second visit and we don't pass this on to our customers - Ever. It is a loss to us and again a cost of doing business. Please make sure you can be home to accept your delivery. If you can't then please have it delivered to your work or an address where someone will be home to accept it.

Most couriers will not leave a parcel at your door if you are not home. You can give us instructions to do so and we leave these instructions on your parcel. However, there is a catch. The courier driver is under no obligation whatsoever to leave the parcel even though we have left instructions/permission. If the driver does not think it is safe to leave the parcel then they simply won't do it. If they leave the parcel and it goes missing they are responsible for it and have to replace it at their cost personally. So don't get annoyed if your parcel is not left at your doorstep. As i said earlier, either make sure someone is home or have it delivered to and address where someone can receive the parcel. Your work, partner's work, parent or friends home.

When customers ask us to leave the parcel at the door we would generally send it by AAE (Australian Air Express) as most times they would leave it at the door or if it was unsafe to leave the parcel AAE would take it to the nearest Post Office where the parcel can be collected by our customer. AAE were also the only company that we know of that would delver to a Post Office Box. No other couriers will do this EVER!!! So AAE solved most of our problems as far as leaving a parcel at the door or delivering to a PO Box.

Recently AAE have merged with Star Track and from what we can gather from Star Track is that they get charged a fee by Australia Post to leave the parcel at the Post Office, not to mention the paperwork involved as Australia Post now have to take responsibility for the parcel and deal with the customer. Freight companies are not big on absorbing costs and wherever possible they pass them on so we have to wear it. So when you ask us to deliver your parcel to a PO Box we not only get charged for the delivery of around $8.00 - $35.00 we also get charged an extra fee of $7.55 just for them to go to the local Post Office so this is why we charge $15.00 for PO Box deliveries. Crazy I know but that is the way it is.

So the best way to ensure you receive your parcel in the fastest time possible and at the cheapest price is to simply have it sent to an address where someone can receive/sign for it. SIMPLE!!

At the moment there is no alternative for PO Box deliveries. Australia Post is not competitive enough on their freight fees so we have to use couriers. Like most people I want my parcel yesterday and I don't want to pay for it. But in the real world that is not possible. We do offer an Express Courier that can deliver your parcel within 2-3 hours but you have to pay for it $25-$50.

I hope this clears up some of your questions about freight fees and delivery. We try our best to keep our prices down but it is hard as there are so many limiting factors which are beyond our control.

Thanks for reading this. Have a great day.

Kindest Regards, Jon.