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What do I need a label printer for?

What do I need a label printer for?

Posted by Luke Duggan on 18th Mar 2015

A lot of people don't realise that there are printers designed specifically for printing labels with the two most popular brands being Brother and Dymo.

Brother PT-E550WVP Electronic Label Printer

So, while most printers can print on labels, regular printers print onto A4 sheets of labels which makes for many smaller businesses the process of printing labels more wasteful and expensive than necessary. A label writer (also called a label printer) is different because it allows you to print one label at a time and best of all most support a wide variety of different label materials and sizes.

Label makers come in various styles. There are hand-held units which are great for people who need to make labels on the go (such as technicians) and there are desk units which are great for people who generally need to print labels at their desk (such as your receptionist).

What are the main benefits of a label printer?

Label printers allow a consistent look to all of your labels

Many label printers allow you to print things like your logo or barcodes, and they allow you to lay things out in a very consistent way while ensuring that the label is always legible (hand writing is often unclear and can tend to fade).

Time is money, and label printers are fast

For many businesses, the reduction in waste is what comes to mind first but for me, I think the biggest waste is when people use regular printers for printing labels as it takes valuable time. For most businesses the cost of the time is substantially higher than the cost of the labels or even the printer.

Dymo LabelWriter Duo

With a label printer everything looks more professional

So not only is it faster and cheaper and more consistent, it is outright more professional. Most of the label printers use thermal technology rather than ink to print so they are only black-and-white, but this technology allows them to print very small and very clearly allowing you to use smaller labels if you need.

So if you find yourself printing a lot of labels, perhaps address labels or maybe storage bins, it doesn't matter, a label printer makes it all much easier. If you're looking for a new label printer, check out our range of Dymo printers and Brother printers.