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Top 7 Questions And Answers On How To Choose The Right Printer Or Copier For Your Business

Top 7 Questions And Answers On How To Choose The Right Printer Or Copier For Your Business

14th Apr 2015

Living in a paperless world is unfortunately still something we’re all working our best to be able to do. As wonderful as it sounds to be able to save money by never having to print things again, there are still things needing to be printed right now. If you happen to have a business that still needs to print things regularly, you probably have plenty of concerns when it comes to choosing the right printers and copiers for your business. To help you get on the path to finding the best printer or copier, here are the top seven questions you should get some answers to.

1. What types of things does your office or workgroup print the most?

Determining whether your printing needs are mostly for brochures or simple correspondence is a huge deal. Determining what types of documents you’ll need to be able to print may save you money on not needing to have a more expensive type of printer or copier.

2. How frequent does your office or workgroup need to print things?

The type of printer/copier you will need to invest in will vary according to how frequent you will be using it. Certain printers/copiers operate best for certain workloads. Knowing about how many sheets you tend to print daily/weekly/monthly is information you’ll need to take with you when you shop for printers/copiers.

3. Do you really need color printing?

A lot of people invest in printers/copiers that produce documents in color, but they don’t need them. If you never or very seldom need color copies of documents, you may not need to put more money into a color printer/copier that you likely will never fully use.

4. What level of print quality do you need?

Are all your documents just printed for your records only? Do you seriously need the highest quality prints? When you are usually going to just print things nobody outside of your office/work group sees, there is less of a need for high definition print/copy units.

5. How many sizes of paper do you need to handle?

In general, most printing needs are met using the 8.5" x 11" paper size. However, you just might also have a need for the legal (8.5" x 14") or ledger (11" x 17" sizes of paper. Knowing how many sizes you must work with in your office/workgroup will help finding printers/copiers that can handle them.

6. What level of service contract do you need for your office equipment?

You or someone in your office/work group may be able to handle the printer/copier maintenance for the most part. However, the more you need your printer, the more you need to be concerned with maintenance contracts. One way could be to set up some type of insurance on your device at the point of sale. Another way could be reaching out to a service team to stop by your office and service your units on some type of schedule.

7. What other functions do you need your office machines to do?

We have been dealing with mostly printing and copying needs here, but do you need a device that does more? You may be glad to know that getting a multi-purpose printer/copier could be best for you and actually takes up less office space too.

Consider these seven things when you go out looking for your printer/copier to make things easier. It may seem like a lot of information that you need to know before purchasing, but it will certainly help your office/work group in the long term. Good luck with your shopping and hopefully you find exactly what you need.