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​Laser vs. Inkjet: Make Sure Your Printer Is Cost-Effective

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Choose the right printer for your business and it will help business to thrive. Choose the wrong printer for your business and you can take it down a long road of headaches and hassles. If you think that choosing either a laser or inkjet printer is a no brainer, you should really reconsider that. Some may feel that there are some printers that are a complete waste. However, whether a printer is a waste or not mostly depends on if it was the best choice for you or if your needs have changed since buying it.

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Without a doubt, there are so many options available no matter which type of printer you are leaning towards to buy. The fact there are so many brands and models on the market to choose from should be more reason to take your time in choosing the best for your needs. To help you find your way to the printer you need, I invite you to keep reading to see some things you really should have in mind.


When it comes to functionality, how functional of a printer you choose will depend on what your home or office needs are. Most people tend to choose printers that are multi-functional as an easy way to have a unit that does anything they may ever need. The problem with purchasing a unit that does so many things is that you could be overspending. If you only need your unit to print, why purchase a unit that copies, scans and faxes as well, right?

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Colour Printing

Even though inkjet printers are more known for being great with colour printing, there are some laser printers on the market now that can compete. That being said, it is still a safer bet to seek out an inkjet printer if you need great colour prints and laser printers if you need monochrome (black & white) printing jobs.

Operating Costs

In general, printers are actually affordable. The operating costs you need to consider are what you will have to spend to maintain the printer and its functions over time. Costs of toner or ink cartridges are definitely part of this discussion. Depending on the type of unit you will be getting, scheduled maintenance is most likely something else you need to add to your operating costs.

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The Possibility of Buying Both Types

This can be a very difficult decision to make especially if your budget is limited. However, if you have a huge need for both colour and monochrome prints, getting and laser AND inkjet may be your best investment. Also, if you have a large space you work in, have more than one printer of either kinds just may help things stay productive.

As time goes by, your printing needs may change. As things change you must constantly evaluate your needs and make changes accordingly. The printer you need now may not be the printer you will need 2 years from now. Therefore, always keep the things mentioned here in mind so the printing units you have will not cost you more than necessary in your business.

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